Heritage Project

Easter Carmuirs Primary School, Camelon

September 2017 - May 2018

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In 2017/2018 P5/6 from Easter Carmuirs have been participating in a local heritage project with Under The Trees and have been going on marvellous trips to The Falkirk Wheel and have learned a lot.
We have built dens with sticks and wood. Here are some pictures.

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We also went to Rough Castle and had a wonderful time.

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We also visited the Secret Garden and fixed log piles and bug hotels with very handy tools.

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We had a trip on the The Falkirk Wheel boat.

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OH! And we built a canal.

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And we’re having a finale in May. I hope you enjoyed this blog about our local heritage project. Thank you for reading.

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Easter Carmuirs Inside Map

Easter Carmuirs Final Leaflet Outside

Kinneil Primary School

September 2017 - May 2018

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For our heritage project we visited Kinneil House and Woods in Bo’Ness.

We visited many times and discovered lots.

There is a lot of wildlife inside the area of kinneil house.

We visited the house of James Watt.

At kinneil house we were learning about the area and I liked learning about kinneil house.

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When we went to kinneil house we cleared away the ivy and it was very hard work to clear it and it was fun to do.

At Kinneil house we learned that a women jumped one off Kinneil house window into the stream and she was the white lady and in the 17th century she leaped out off the window off kinneil house because she was trying to run away from her evil husband.

John Muir Award

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1838-1914 born and died John Muir was an explorer, mountaineer and he was a writer. He developed a passion for wild places growing up in the coastal town of Dunbar in the east of Edinburgh. At age 10, he moved to the United States with his family. Muir loved all the nature around him. Recognizing that everything is connected. His passion for wild places led to a life-long quest to protect it.

Roman pottery:

In roman week we made our own pottery and learned about how roman pottery was made back in the day with Geoff.


Down at Kinneil house and started to cut down some of the ivy to help give something back to the environment with help from Geoff and some of the others.


In the museum at Kinneil house about how the land scape was different back when the owners where alive.

The antonine wall:

We learned how the antonine wall was created and what it was used for and we also made our own little walls using plastic straws


In the woods of Kinneil house we learned about some of the wildlife that live there like squirrels, Deer, fish, frogs, tadpoles, ducks, geese, and other things too.

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Final Kinneil Leaflet Outside

Final Kinneil Inside Map

St Andrews Primary School, Falkirk

September 2017 - May 2018

P6b made clay pots with Geoff and we looked and passed these old diggin up clay pots.we made our own clay pots and took them home.

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This is us just about to learn about Callendar house’s history of what it used to look like and what it was like to be a cooker in the Victorians.

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We met Gordon the Ranger and talked about food chains and even made our own food chain with puppets.

This is when we were going to make our “waterproof” dens . It was so fun : )

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We also played a tightrope game where we had to hold the rope and we had to try to walk along the rope

Calendar park !!!

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Having fun measuring the trees to find out more about them also trying to find different bugs to draw !

Have a look at our leaflet

St Andrews Leaflet Final