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A child playing with a net from our loose parts trailer


How can we help you on your outdoor journey? 

Our natural world offers a  treasure box of learning opportunities. We can help if you are at the start, middle or have been going outside on a regular basis and just need some fresh ideas!

How can we help?

Email us for an informal chat!

Forest School 

What is Forest Schools? To us it’s a different way of learning, away from the classroom environment. It’s fun, exciting, and a unique way of working with young people that encourages and enthuses individuals to enjoy our natural world through positive outdoor experiences, building their confidence and overall wellbeing. Sessions occur regularly in local greenspaces and are learner led.

What will we do at sessions?

Sessions are discussed with the group to see where their interests lie/what they would like to do. UTT staff will bring some ideas to start the sessions off, and will observe to see what the group wants to progress with. Forest School sessions are not planned topics!

Sessions run throughout the year with a minimum of a 6 week block. We aim to go out in all weathers as long as it is safe to do so (excluding high winds).

We have access to a small amount of waterproofs and wellingtons so please do ask if your group needs them.

Sessions are held away from school in a local green space, are learner led with support where needed from UTT staff and provides the opportunity to develop an individual’s holistic development.

Tasks are manageable and easy to achieve, with careful planning from the group.

Group sizes are kept low with a high ratio of adult to child where possible. This allows for a greater interaction with the group and allows relationships to form.

Key skills and personal development are formed over the sessions as confidence, self-esteem is built on to all each individual the chance to flourish and grow.

This is achieved through learner led sessions; play and allowing individuals the chance to assess their own risk, problem solve and work together a team.

Environmental Education

As well as offering our Forest School programme, we also offer Environmental Education.

This is different from the above as topics are planned and delivered.

We offer a wide range of different topics so if you would like help and it’s not listed please get in touch.

We can help with partner funding applications – please email us to find out more.  

Popular sessions choices include:



Science, Tech,  Engineering, Art and Mechanics, tie in fantastically well with the outdoor environment. Get in touch to find out more.



Ideal for all levels, can you complete the challenges and be crowned Chief Dengineer?

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

Minibeast Mayhem

We will delve into the micro world of our minibeast friends as we become citizen scientists.


Wellbeing sessions

Our wellbeing sessions are designed to boost mental health and wellbeing. Sessions are held over a minimum of 6  weeks in a safe and nurturing environment, following a planned range of activities to aid in confidence building, self-esteem.


ASN Woodland Sessions

Designed for  children and Young People with Additional Support needs. We will work with you and the group to develop sessions to meet the needs of the group.

Holding Hands

Wild Warriors

Bring out your classes inner wild warriors – options include; bushcraft, tracking skills, whittling and tool use, identification skills, camouflage, campfire cooking and survival skills.


Map skills

Get lost! Putting your map reading skills and compass work to the test can you find your way around and perhaps find some treasure? This session will introduce you to read maps, reading co-ordinates and using a compass.


Heritage and us

We love learning about our past history. Contact us to discuss how we can incorporate our local heritage into a project for your class.


Percy the Park Keeper

Can you help Percy take care of the animals and plant who live in our local woodland? This session involves finding out more about our woodland friends – where do they live? Can we identify trees, animals, wild flowers? Minibeasts? This is a practical session that can be tailored to a class topic.

sea urchin.jpg

Our Natural World

This session(s) can be split into several weeks, each week looking at a different area of our local woodland. Pupils will gain a range of hands on practical experience that will allow them to really get to know who or what lives in their local woodland.

  • Habitat studies and surveying skills

  • Identification skills e.g. minibeasts, trees, birds, mammals

  • Lifecycles and Food chains

  • Predators and prey

  • Trail cameras out

IMG_9896 (1)_edited.jpg

Beach Sessions

Join us at the beach as we find out about the animals and plants that live there and how they adapt to a stressful environment. NB. Time is dependent on tide times, and beach locations. We can provide a pre-session Seashore session beforehand.

dryads saddle.jpg

Wild Documentary

These sessions are split over the following:
Surveying techniques
Camera recording
Movie making
Sharing our findings.

other ways we can help

  • Crest award

  • John Muir Award

  • JASS award

  • Curriculum topics – Literacy, Numeracy etc

  • Topics e.g. Romans, WW2

Please see our training page for staff training!

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